Dining in reminisce,Kai Shoku
The Japanese language is wonderfully flexible.
Kaishoku, for instance, can mean something as banal as a "dinner party" or as out of this world as one of Mother's "unforgettable culinary treats."
Kaishoku, in the sense of being unforgettable having its roots in the basic Japanese culinary arts, is how Michiba Rokusaburo describes his own cuisine.
It is the joy of partaking each season's culinary delights in the kaiseki style.
The food is instilled with the chef's feelings from the heart.
"Shoku" means cuisine, while "Kai" means yearning, feeling, heart-best and unforgettable.
It is chef Michiba Rokusaburo's culinary soul.

What are the ingredients of Michiba's "unforgettable" cuisine?
The sun. The seas. Earth. Water. The forest. The wind. Spring. Summer. Autumn. Winter.
Those wonderful things in Nature, which contribute to Man's life are the ingredients of "unforgettable" Michiba's cuisine.
Through the centuries, they are the ingredients, which kept the Japanese healthy and strong, and satisfied their five basic sense of taste.
It is the determination of the entire staff to provide the best food and the surroundings to cater to your joyous and aesthetic dining experience.